Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Special Christmas Announcement!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  This is my most favorite part of the year for many reasons.  We have all the wonderful Christmas festivities with lights, music, presents, parties, and the hustle-bustle of the season.  It's also a time we gather around loved ones, give to others, and hopefully a time for self-reflection and remembering the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Last night we had an opportunity to serve that was unexpected.  Jeff, Jaxon, and I were walking through dowtown Tampa and we came across a homeless person lying on the sidewalk covered with a blanket.  You could see his things next to him and then only his feet sticking out from the blanket.  You could see his body shivering under the blanket.  Yes, it was actually cold in Tampa!!!  As we walked passed him, Jeff and I just looked at each other and then Jeff asked me if he could give him his sweatshirt.  Jeff realized he didn't have a shirt on underneath though so we walked back to the car then drove back around to him.  As I got out and laid the sweatshirt over him, I felt my heart just explode.  Whatever I had been upset or worried about that day just completely disappeared.  All I felt was joy, love and peace.  I was thankful for my husband who was willing to give the shirt off his back and to provide us with that opportunity to serve. 

I continued to think about our experience and the feelings I had.  I realized I needed to have more service in my life.  I needed to do more selfless acts even if it wasn't apart of my plan for the day.  I made a personal goal last night to include more service in my life year round and not just around Christmas.  In the wake that has all occurred in the world around us this year, I think there are many hearts that are aching.  Service can help to heal those aching hearts and perhaps your own heart.  Simple acts such as smiling at someone, opening the door, or paying someone a simple compliment have a bigger impact than we know.  It can change the course of someone's day.  We just don't know or realize the impact we can have on someone.  This I do know, I want to feel everyday like I did last night.  A new year is upon us and an opportunity for change and improvement.  I believe this is a beautiful world we live in and it is my hope that as a people we can show more of the good in this world.

I am thankful for our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for his example and his sacrifice for us.  I am thankful for how the Lord has blessed our family and continues to bless our family.  All that we have, we owe to Him.  I hope this holiday season and New Year brings you much joy and happiness!  I know I am excited for what 2013 has in store for us!  Which brings me to our special message.  Click the link below! 

  Johnson Christmas Video 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jaxon's 2nd Birthday

I guess it's time for my annual post!  Really, has it been a year since I've posted anything??  Sadly yes it has.  It's not like anything hasn't happened in the past baby is TWO!!  So much has happened but that would be a very long post if I included everything from the past year!  I will just stick to his birthday.  This I will say though, I would not have changed anything from the past year and this little boy just continues to be the joy of my life and have me wrapped around his finger!  I love my little happy, 2 year old dude!
Jaxon's birthday is August 22, mine is the 23rd, and my sister's is the 24th so it really is a week of birthday celebrations.  The focus is mainly on Jaxon though and I spent most of the week preparing for his birthday and party. 
August 22
The day began with Mickey pancakes and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Yes my child is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's the only show he watches and he would watch it ALL day long if I let him.

 Then it was time to open up some presents....
We had some free afternoon passes to Disney so what better place to go on our little Mickey fiend's birthday than Disney World!  The weather was a little rainy but it didn't stop us and it made the park not as busy and not as hot so it was perfect!  This was honestly the best part of the whole day though.  Jaxon absolutely LOVED meeting Mickey and Minnie.  Jeff and I were worried he was going to be scared but he couldn't wait to meet them.  He gave them hugs and kisses and was just so cute.  Jeff and I loved it!!


This was how happy he was all day :)  I love his "cheese" face.  This was on Pirates of the Caribbean and he also got to go on Buzz Lightyear.  His first rides!  He did awesome on those too and didn't get scared!  I think this was the best day at Disney ever!!
August 23 and 24
I turned 26 and Tam turned 31!  We went out to dinner in Tampa on my birthday and then on Tam's birthday we went to Anna Maria and the Salty Dog.  The rest of the time we were preparing for Jaxon's party on Saturday and making his cake.
I have to share my birthday surprise though :).  Tamree and I weren't supposed to be spending our birthdays together this year.  Both her and I were very sad and disappointed that we weren't going to be together.  It has been our tradition to celebrate our birthdays together and we have been able to keep that tradition even with Jeff and I living in Florida for the past 3 years.  I was feeling very sad too that no family was going to be here for Jaxon's birthday.  I kept hoping that maybe somehow that would change but I knew it was wishful thinking. 
Earlier that week on Monday, Jaxon and I had been out running errands and happened to come home the same time as Jeff.  I walked in the house and then heard a knock at the door.  Jeff said "you expecting a package?"  I responded "yeah probably" (I had done some online shopping!) so figured it was some of the stuff I had ordered.  I opened the door and was looking down because I was expecting to see my package.  Instead I saw a pair of legs.  I thought, oh the delivery person is still here.  So I looked up, and did not believe what I saw.  There was my sweet sister standing there all the way from Utah!  I just  started to cry and really thought I was seeing things.  It was the best birthday surprise I have ever gotten!  Tam decided to buy a ticket and fly across country all by herself (for the first time) so we could be together.  Jeff knew and had gone to pick her up from the airport.  I was supposed to be home before they got there so she had to run around the house to the front door when I came home.  They did a good job keeping it secret!  I really had no idea.  It made my week and I'm still so grateful I got to spend that time with her.  I love you Tam!! 

Saturday finished our birthday celebrations with Jaxon's birthday party and sushi for Tam and I later that night.  We had a Mickey Mouse pool party with some of Jaxon's friends from church and neighbors.  We all had a great time! 

After making my first fondant cake last year for his birthday, I told myself it was too much work and I won't do it next year.  But.... after looking on Pinterest and seeing all the cute cakes I thought I would give it a go again.  I'm glad I did and Tam helped me so much too!
Jaxon enjoying the frosting.  The only part he eats!
Happy birthday to best, cutest, funniest, sweestest, shiest, most lovable little boy I know!
And happy birthday to my Sugarbridges, Tam, I love you and thank you for being willing to share your birthday with your little sis all these years.  I wouldn't have it any other way!
And, I guess, happy birthday to me :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jaxon's 1st Birthday

Can my little boy really be one already?! I remember thinking when he was first born that a year seemed so far away. Now, it has come and gone and man did it come quickly! I still feel like he can't be that old and sometimes I think of him still as a little baby but then I look at him and realize he is no longer my little baby but my zooming, babbling, laughing, happy little boy. I was so excited for his birthday and I know he won't remember it at all but it was still fun preparing and planning it, and then of course "paryting" it! :) I looked online at what other people had done and I loved the blue and orange theme so we went with that and did a "Shake Shack." We kept the party small because Jaxon tends to be timid around large groups so I didn't want him to get overwhelmed. My parents and sister were able to fly out so I am so glad that they were able to be apart of it. It was also my birthday and my sister's the following days and we always celebrate together so that is another reason why they came :). We kept the party simple and just ate, did a little trivia about Jaxon, and then watched him eat his cake and open presents! I'm no interior designer or super crafty but here are some pics from his birthday. It was a fun day and I just love my lil man to pieces!

Proud parents of the birthday boy with his birthday spread!

Burgers, carrots, fruit salad, blue and orange juice drinks, orange creamsicle smoothies, and blue raspberry and mango Italian ices.

I saw some really cute banners online but I decided to keep it simple but they were way fun and easy to make!

I was able to use a cricut machine to print all the letters which helped soo much. There is no way I would have been able to do this by hand.

I decided I wanted to attempt to do a cake for him myself and experiment with fondant! It was a lot of work and it by no means is anything spectacular but I am glad I did it and I would want to do more cake decorating so I can get a little better. My skills definitely need perfecting! The square is four layers of chocolate and white cake with buttercream and then the circle is Rainbow chip cake. Random I know, but those were the cake mixes I happened to have on hand.

I made special cupcakes for Jaxon that were egg and dairy free with dairy free buttercream frosting. I love this cake recipe and I don't think you can tell much of a difference. It is just a denser cake but the flavor is fabulous! Thank you to Milk Allergy Mom for the recipe!

The cupcake toppers were done by Blissful Nest on etsy. The picture is a little blurry but they were so cute!

I helped him blow out his candle and then just a few days later he started blowing. It is actually pretty darn cute :).

Thanks to my fam, Lauren, and Mckell for coming and celebrating with us!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Moments

After waking from his nap today, I was rocking with Jaxon in our chair and he was very eager to get down and play but I asked him if I could have a kiss. He sometimes responds and other times just wants down but today he quickly grabbed my cheeks and placed a big baby smooch on me. He had never grabbed my face like that before and it just melted my heart! It was such a small thing but it made my day. It's little moments like these that I cherish and make being a mom the greatest job I've ever had. I love my sweet little boy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is why I love Florida

Ahh beach. I have to admit I feel very spoiled to only have to drive 45 minutes and be at one of most beautiful beaches ever! Powdered sugar sand, crystal clear water, and not a cloud in the sky. I feel blessed.

As you can tell by our very fair skin, we haven't been to the beach in awhile but Jaxon is starting to love it! He loves the water but hates the sand. He freaks out if it touches his toes. It is kinda nice though because all we have to do is put the beach towel down and he won't go beyond the edge of the towel. So no handfuls of sand in the mouth yet! :)

This is where we spent our Saturday, Anna Maria Island


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back on the Blog

I am ashamed. It's been over a year and I have not touched our blog! And it's not like I haven't had anything to blog about either. One of my biggest life changing events occured! Jaxon Rey Johnson was born August 22, 2010 at 6 pounds 1 ounce. It just seems like yesterday our little guy was born and now he is almost a year! Jaxon entered our world and took over my life and my heart. I think you could say that little boy has me wrapped around his finger.

I am not even going to attempt to make up for the past year but in a nutshell: Jaxon was born and I became a full-time Mommy, Jeff now works for Ernst & Young and says he won't ever switch jobs again ha, and we are still living in Florida and loving it!

Our blog will probably become dominated by Jaxon posts but he is my life now! Motherhood is a unique experience. It is the hardest but yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. With school or a job, you get a break. Mommyhood, no breaks. It's a 24/7 job but there is no other place I rather be than at home being slobbered by, chasing after, and laughing with my little guy. He is the greatest and I can't wait to share more about him. We're back!! :)

At the hospital after Jaxon was born

My lil crazy monkey now!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Job

I am a little late on this one but Jeff has a new job! He has now been an employee of ENTRIX for about a month. They are an Environmental Consulting firm and he is now their recruiter. He first interviewed back in February but the whole thing was a very long process so we never thought much of it. They kept calling him back though and interview after interview, eventually offered him the job. It has been such a blessing though and something we really needed. This job opportunity has provided so much for us and was an answer to our prayers. He is only 5 minutes away from home now too so he can come home for lunch, which has been wonderful! His hours are also more flexible which has allowed him to start helping and coaching with one of the high school football teams in the area. Jeff is loving it! The past couple of weeks have definitely been crazy though because BP hired ENTRIX to help with the oil spill so they have needed massive amounts of people to start working immediately. Jeff has definitely been thrown into the fire but he has stepped up to the plate and is working so hard! I am so proud of him and so thankful for all that he does to provide for our little family! If you know of anyone who has marine biology experience and can go to Louisiana immediately, let us know! Jeff can give them a job! :)